NACo has closely monitored the progress of opioid legislation moving through Congress. In view of the legislation’s potential impact for counties, NACo has released a working analysis of opioid bills under consideration in the House and Senate, as well as the projected impact for local governments addressing the epidemic.

The chart of House legislation details separate bills, whereas the Senate chart breaks down the single, but wide-ranging, piece of legislation, S. 2680, the Opioid Crisis Response Act. Both charts break down the opioid proposals into the following overarching categories:

  • Prevention, Education and Research
  • Prescriber Practices
  • Public Safety and Law Enforcement
  • Treatment and Recovery

Note: Given the ongoing consideration of various proposals in both chambers of Congress, this chart will be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect the latest legislative activity.

For questions on the content of these charts, please contact:

Valerie Brankovic, Legislative Assistant,

Brian Bowden, Associate Legislative Director for Health,

Eryn Hurley, Associate Legislative Director for Human Services and Education,

Hadi Sedigh, Associate Legislative Director for Justice and Public Safety,